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Having Fun at Orlando Theme Parks

You're considering a fun filled vacation to the Orlando theme parks area, but don't know where to start. Don't worry if you're a little lost about everything there is to do in the Orlando theme parks. The Orlando theme parks are a fun place, and with a little foresight and planning, everyone can have a great time. When it comes to things to do in the Orlando theme parks, the choices vary widely. There's going to be something for everyone when you visit the Orlando theme parks.

To begin with, the major attractions can be found at Disney World, Universal Studios, the Isles of Adventure, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Cypress Gardens, and Silver Springs. Among all these choices, it will probably be hard not to find something entertaining to do for every kind of taste. As you're probably not planning on being in Orlando forever, you'll need to decide which you're going to see. Hopefully this guide can help you learn more about each of the major theme parks.

The classic attraction of the Orlando theme parks has to be Disney World. Disney World has a great deal to offer, from the thrills of Cirque Du Soleil, to the fantastic simulations available at the Epcot Center. Of particular interest recently is the NASA Mission to Mars simulator. Disney worked with NASA engineers and astronauts to create as authentic an experience as possible. Experience a space mission from launch to landing at Epcot's Mission to Mars ride. At the Magic Kingdom Park you can experience the Disney movies up close and personal, from Toy Story to Winnie the Pooh.

At Universal Studios you can experience your favorite movies in person in more than 40 different rides and attractions. The rides at Universal Studios are usually themed after movies, and they offer a state of the art experience in which to really become immersed. While Disney World will definitely entertain the kids, Universal Studios can be great fun for both the kids and the adults.

The Islands of Adventure are a relatively new attraction designed by Stephen Spielberg. There are five islands in the park, each with a unique theme. The Islands of Adventure are said to be some of the best and most technologically advanced theme park attractions ever made.

Sea World can be fun for the whole family. A trip to Sea World is a guided tour to the vast and thriving underwater world. While at Sea World, you can take part in dolphin feeding and interact closely many other creatures of the sea. You can't get any closer to the wilds of the deep than at Sea World in the Orlando theme parks.

Also near the Orlando theme parks, Busch Gardens offers a full range of extreme rides for the thrill seeker. The Florida Busch Gardens also has an African themed area as well as volcanoes and a white water section. Busch Gardens also boasts the world's two tallest inverted roller coasters. You can't do any better for extreme rides than the Florida Busch Gardens. Busch Gardens has the biggest and fastest rides of all the Orlando theme parks.

Cypress Gardens offers an enjoyable and beautiful outdoor atmosphere within the Orlando theme parks. The Gardens feature a lake with frequent water ski shows as well as paddle boat rides. Cypress also features large and beautifully tended gardens and a wildlife sanctuary. There are also a variety of rides for the children to enjoy. Cypress Gardens offers perhaps the most beautiful and relaxing outdoor experience of all the Orlando theme parks.

For a touch of the wild outdoors, your family could always head to the Silver Springs park. Silver Springs features jeep rides through the park, and during the ride you'll see a number of different animals. Silver Springs also puts on a variety of animal shows. The park also has boat cruises and picnic grounds for a great outdoor experience in the Orlando theme parks.

With all this and more to do, there shouldn't be any question of "what next" while you're at the Orlando theme parks. If anything, you'll have to go back to experience everything the city and its surrounding area have to offer. With a little planning, the Orlando theme parks should have something to offer everyone in your family outing.

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